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Learn how our bootcamp graduates can help your Central Coast business thrive. Hire our newly-upskilled graduates or talk to us about starting a new bootcamp to fill your needs.

We can help you:


Develop a more robust and diverse talent pipeline.

Find local, pre-vetted workers with the skills you are looking for.

Support the local community and economy.

Employer partners include:

rantec manufacturing

Marlena Lewis

Precision Manufacturing Graduate, Trust Automation

"Without SLO Partners I would have never known these jobs existed in SLO county, or have been considered qualified for any of these positions."

Daniel Lehmkuhl

Operations Manager, Injectors Direct

"This program provides students with the skills needed to go straight into the workforce and bring value right off the bat."

Eric Liu

IT/Cyber Security Graduate

"These are the tools that will carry you throughout your career."

Annie Zwarg

Digital Marketing Graduate

"Take a chance and invest in your future. The sooner you can learn these skills the better."

Carrie Wentzel

Precision Manufacturing Graduate, Mantis Composites

"This class has been a great opportunity to explore new paths in my life."

Conner Stennet

Coding Graduate, Gaine Technology

"Getting decent pay and getting rewarded for your hard work is the most exciting thing for me."

Ty Safreno

Owner, CEO, Trust Automation

"The program takes people with the base skills that are needed for an advanced manufacturing career and then exposes them to the terminology and tools needed. "

Royce Ferriday

Precision Manufacturing Graduate, ES Aero

"Finding the SLO Partners Precision Manufacturing course was like gold."

Stephanie Stampher

Coding Graduate, SoCreate

"Don't let anything hold you back! Just go for it!"

Lindsay Nakamura

Coding Graduate

"Take that first step. If I can do it, anyone can do it."

Trevor Fry

Development Director, Dassault/IQMS

"It’s hard to find talent in our industry so we were delighted when SLO partners offered to help. "

Dean Mitchell

Lead Developer, Stream Guys

"The level of these candidates has already been established and vetted... you know they can be part of a team."

James Michie

Precision Manufacturing Graduate

"It's a great program and a great way to get a head of household-type job without incurring student loan debt."