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Modern Manufacturing Bootcamp

Hands-on training to fast-track a great career in precision manufacturing, here on the Central Coast.

Starts June 17, 2024

$299 Registration



Women in Manufacturing Scholarship

$99 registration and $500 scholarship

upon completion of the bootcamp!

Get Upskilled for a Rewarding New Career


Build and fly a drone

Wire a remote control car

Learn 3D printing

Do you love to build things, craft things, and work with your hands?

Did you know there are great companies right here on the Central Coast looking to hire people like you? In just 7 weeks, you can qualify for a job in a growing field that can pay the bills and offer upward mobility. This part-time, hands-on training program will teach you the skills to work in the exciting field of cutting-edge manufacturing.

You’ll learn important skills through fun activities that may include building and flying a drone, 3D printing and wiring a remote control car. 

SLO Partners will also help successful graduates gain the opportunity to work in the manufacturing industry on the Central Coast.


for Central Coast
Manufacturing-Related Employers

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Women in Manufacturing Scholarship

$99 registration and $500 scholarship

upon completion of the bootcamp!

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for the 7-week bootcamp


the bootcamp


What You’ll Learn

  • Circuitry and electronic schematics
  • Electronic programming
  • Soldering and heat shrink connections
  • Product Testing and problem solving
  • Industry-related print reading
  • And more

What You’ll Do

Build and Fly a Drone!

  • Build a drone
  • Explore and test aerodynamic principles
  • Practice basic soldering and electronics
  • Program a flight controller

Electronic Wiring

  • Wire a remote control car! Assemble, solder and heat shrink connections, and test the car.
  • Practice basic circuitry, electronic schematics, and electronic programming

Soldering and Wiring

  • Solder electronic components together, to a PCB, and heat shrink soldered connections

3D Printing

  • Assemble a 3D printer and create a printed project with multiple components

    Say no more.


    Do I need prior experience?

    Heck, no.

    What does it cost?

    $299 for the 7 week session

    Where and when?

    7 Week Session Starts June 17, 2024
    San Luis Obispo Office of Education

    Our grads loved our program.


    Modern Manufacturing Student


    Modern Manufacturing Graduate


    Modern Manufacturing Graduate


    Modern Manufacturing Student


    Modern Manufacturing Student


    Modern Manufacturing Graduate


    Modern Manufacturing Graduate & Instructor


    Modern Manufacturing Graduate & Instructor


    Modern Manufacturing Graduate

    “I enjoyed the opportunity to learn about and work with the equipment I would otherwise not have access to. The support of the SLO Partners’ staff and the skills I learned gave me access to a rewarding career path.”

    Carrie, Technician

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    Through modern bootcamp training programs specifically designed to fill the talent needs of local businesses, SLO Partners helps to bridge the gap between opportunities and reality for businesses and individuals on California’s Central Coast.

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