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Up your career opportunities, right here on the Central Coast. Our intensive bootcamp programs teach in-demand skills to help you find a great career with a great local company.

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Modern Manufacturing

Level up your skills and enter a career path with great income potential in the growing field of precision manufacturing.

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Dental Assistant

Enroll now in our 3-week training program and kickstart your career in the rewarding field of dentistry.

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Fast-tracked training for current and aspiring hospitality professionals.

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Early Childhood Education

Learn about our earn-and-learn program for aspiring early educators.

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Gain the programming skills you need to build the career you want in 12-26 weeks.

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Cyber Security

Go from novice to cybersecurity professional and gain the tools to land a job in one of the world’s highest-paying industries.

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Get the digital strategies, skills, tools and techniques for winning more customers and generating more revenue.

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How SLO Partners Works

Step 1

You live on the Central Coast and you’re ambitious, happy, and hungry for new opportunities.

Step 2

Enroll in a fast-tracked bootcamp program to learn new skills or improve on existing. (See above for your options or let us guide you.)

Step 3

Interview with local companies that are interested in hiring our bootcamp graduates.

Employer partners include:

rantec manufacturing

Happy workers, happy employers, happy communities.

Marlena Lewis

Precision Manufacturing Graduate, Trust Automation

"Without SLO Partners I would have never known these jobs existed in SLO county, or have been considered qualified for any of these positions."

Eric Liu

IT/Cyber Security Graduate

"These are the tools that will carry you throughout your career."

Annie Zwarg

Digital Marketing Graduate

"Take a chance and invest in your future. The sooner you can learn these skills the better."

Carrie Wentzel

Precision Manufacturing Graduate, Mantis Composites

"This class has been a great opportunity to explore new paths in my life."

Conner Stennet

Coding Graduate, Gaine Technology

"Getting decent pay and getting rewarded for your hard work is the most exciting thing for me."

Royce Ferriday

Precision Manufacturing Graduate, ES Aero

"Finding the SLO Partners Precision Manufacturing course was like gold."

Stephanie Stampher

Coding Graduate, SoCreate

"Don't let anything hold you back! Just go for it!"

Lindsay Nakamura

Coding Graduate

"Take that first step. If I can do it, anyone can do it."

James Michie

Precision Manufacturing Graduate

"It's a great program and a great way to get a head of household-type job without incurring student loan debt."

Special Focus:

Women in STEM

We’re working to bring full representation to women in STEM fields. Current bootcamp programs train local women in the fields of coding, cyber and IT, digital marketing, and advanced manufacturing. Hear what our graduates have to say.

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